Sheila Donohue

Sheila Donohue, Organist

Sheila has been organist here since 2000, the same year she and her husband Terry Cooney became parents to their son Danh from Vietnam. Both these parts of her life have been, and continue to be, enjoyable and inspiring.  Sheila is a transplanted New Yorker who has found a new world of experiences and friends in Florida. But she still has a hankering sometimes for those big city streets and the old friends there. Presbyterian Church of Seffner has consistently welcomed and nourished her and she looks forward to continuing to serve within its mission.

Many influential people in her life.  But as an organist, Sheila is constantly grateful to the memory of Edward O’Donnell, the supremely talented and kind organist and music teacher in her home parish of St. Elizabeth in New York City.  He taught her to play and to love the organ as a versatile and uplifting voice in the church.  From him she developed an appreciation of and love for the music of many composers, including Bach, Franck, Gounod, Dubois and many more.