Presbyterian Church of  Seffner has a committed history to support a wide range and variety of missions programs.  Not only financial support to charitable organizations through monthly offerings, but through hands-on work, both locally and overseas.  Through these tangible and intangible gifts, people are able to put food on tables, clothe children, repair homes and visit homebound people.  We strive to support many groups, and it is our prayer to help people to know God’s goodness.   Below you will find information on our Covenant Mission Partnerships through our Presbytery- Cedarkirk and Beth-El- as well as our annual Bikes for Jesus program we started and our weekly Meals-on-Wheels support.    Also, click HERE to link to our publication “A Community at Work – Mission Opportunities” which details many of the other events throughout the year that you can be involved with.

We support the Seffner Community by donating items to the Seffner Elementary School Mustang Market.

Our church donated new clothing to the Seffner Elementary School clinic.